I’m Deniz, a creative and enthusiastic graphic designer with over 9 years experience producing for print and digital media. I also love illustrating and screen printing. I have been working in London since finishing MA Graphic Design Communication at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2008.

Click on the following links to see my work for Eyeko, French Connection, Time Out Magazine, Jack Wills, Great Plains, Care Climate Change, The Scout Association, Free Tibet, War Child UK, WWF, Bespont, Little Tarsier Productions, Meetqute and Migros.

See my LinkedIn profile for my education history, work experience and recommendations from lovely people I worked with.

I’m really into lettering and have a blog about Sign Painting in Turkey.

I'm also illustrating a screen wallpaper each thursday.

Email me at hello@deniztekkul.com

In April 2013 I worked for retail design company CampbellRigg who was designing a new concept for Migros, Turkey's largest retailer. Migros wanted to focus on the fresh food areas and have a market feel. So we created a different identity for each section and applied it to information displays and quality messaging. I worked mostly on the butcher section (kasap).